Hello and welcome to Infinite Weddings & Events, a two woman team consisting of myself (Becca, on the left) and my wife Debbie (right). ​We've been working together for our entire relationship having run a wedding venue, planning events and occasions, setting up an online wedding blog and community and finally launching our own wedding planning company (Infinite Weddings) this year (more specifically, this week).

I think it's safe to say that we both adore weddings and events, and love being a part of so many couples happiest memories. We recently got married ourselves (this August after having postponed three times) and wanted to help other couples much like us, who are struggling to plan their own wedding day or simply need a little guidance.

Debbie and I think it's so important to plan a wedding that is an authentic representation of you and your partner. We hate seeing so many couples asking questions /making statements like:

'I really don't want to wear a dress, but my family would be devastated'

'Should we do speeches before or after the wedding breakfast?'

'Do you think we can get away without doing a first dance?'

Too many of us get caught up in old wedding traditions and often feel pressured into doing things we really don't want to for the sake of family, friends, or simply not knowing any better. The reality is your wedding is exactly what it says on the tin: YOURS. You should plan your wedding day however feels right to you and your partner and nobody else.